Innova Collection at Vinyl Floors Houston: A Symphony of Shades

Innova Collection at Vinyl Floors Houston: A Symphony of Shades

Innova Collection at Vinyl Floors Houston: A Symphony of Shades

For the discerning homeowner in Houston, luxury vinyl flooring isn't just about durability — it's about style, authenticity, and the ambiance that a particular shade can bring into a space. At Vinyl Floors Houston, we proudly introduce the Innova Collection by Artisan Hardwood, a line that epitomizes both quality and aesthetic allure.

  • Innova Collection's Chalk Hill: A gentle hue reflecting the peacefulness of dawn, perfect for creating a calming ambiance.
  • Innova Collection's Duluth: Earthy warmth akin to forest trails, bringing nature right to your doorstep.
  • Innova Collection's Green Valley: Resonates with the rejuvenating spirit of lush meadows.
  • Innova Collection's Monte Verde: A tribute to mountainous tranquility and serene landscapes.
  • Innova Collection's Neches River: Emulating the serenity of flowing waters, apt for peaceful interiors.
  • Innova Collection's San Becinto: An ode to golden sunsets and warm hues, ideal for cozy settings.
  • Innova Collection's Ash Creek: Balancing rustic charm with modern elegance.
  • Innova Collection's Cape Flattery: Coastal freshness encapsulated in every plank.
  • Innova Collection's Columbia River: Deep, magnetic, echoing the might of a timeless river.
  • Innova Collection's Conway Creek: A reflection of calm creek waters, meant for tranquil spaces.
  • Innova Collection's Frio: Cold and inviting like the brisk morning air, great for a fresh ambiance.
  • Innova Collection's Georgetown: Carries the sophistication of classic wood, setting an elegant tone.
  • Innova Collection's Golden Meadow: The warmth of sun-kissed fields, offering a cozy retreat.
  • Innova Collection's Great Plains: The vastness and raw beauty of open landscapes, ideal for spacious interiors.
  • Innova Collection's Howell Mountain: Resembling the timeless allure of highland vistas.
  • Innova Collection's Mount Adams: For those seeking the elegance of majestic peaks in their space.
  • Innova Collection's Mount Harlan: A shade that resonates with towering grace and serene mountain vibes.
  • Innova Collection's Pearl River: The luster and depth of timeless water bodies, capturing elegance.
  • Innova Collection's Rio Grande: A shade echoing the vastness and grandeur of iconic rivers.
  • Innova Collection's Ruby Beach: A hint of coastal charm and the allure of sunlit shores.
  • Innova Collection's Rutherford: Deep and stately, this shade speaks of old-world charm and grandeur.
  • Innova Collection's Sandpoint: Light and breezy, reminiscent of sandy shores and sunny days.
  • Innova Collection's Sierra: Echoing the majestic beauty of mountain ranges, creating an elevation in ambiance.
  • Innova Collection's St. Helena: A harmonious blend of warmth and class, perfectly suited for elegant spaces.
  • Innova Collection's Trinity: Timeless and traditional, it adds a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Innova Collection's Wallace Falls: A cascade of hues capturing the freshness and vitality of waterfalls.
  • Innova Collection's Amargosa: Subtle and muted, a nod to desert landscapes and their unique beauty.
  • Innova Collection's Ballona: Bright and uplifting, bringing a touch of sunny coastlines to your home.
  • Innova Collection's Calabasas: Warm and rustic, ideal for spaces that desire a touch of authenticity.
  • Innova Collection's Channel Islands: Evoking the secluded charm of pristine islands, perfect for creating a getaway ambiance.
  • Innova Collection's Cottonwood: Light and airy, it sets a relaxing mood akin to a gentle breeze.
  • Innova Collection's Estrella River: Deep and moody, capturing the mysterious allure of night rivers.
  • Innova Collection's Morro Creek: Robust and earthy, it’s a tribute to nature’s raw beauty.
  • Innova Collection's Rio Hondo: Rich and inviting, it resonates with the depth and flow of great rivers.
  • Innova Collection's Sweetwater: Soft and mellow, creating a soothing environment.
  • Innova Collection's Verdugo: A modern touch with an urban feel, versatile for contemporary spaces.
  • Innova Collection's Cortland: Refined and polished, for those who seek understated elegance.
  • Innova Collection's Guadalupe: Dark and intense, embodying passion and depth.
  • Innova Collection's Keene: Classic and timeless, a shade that never goes out of style.
  • Innova Collection's Appalachian Walnut: Rich and nutty, capturing the essence of classic walnut woods.
  • Innova Collection's Smoked Oak: Mysterious and alluring with hints of charred beauty.
  • Innova Collection's Beverly Oak: Chic and sophisticated, blending the rustic charm of oak with urban appeal.
  • Innova Collection's Glacier Bay: Crisp and cool, reminiscent of icy landscapes and serene waters.
  • Innova Collection's Kings Canyon Oak: Majestic and grand, evoking the splendor of grand canyons.
  • Innova Collection's Lassen Oak: Warm and enveloping, capturing the homely essence of oak.
  • Innova Collection's Mount Olympus: Regal and lofty, a shade fit for the gods.
  • Innova Collection's Silver Oak: Modern and sleek, it brings a contemporary edge to traditional oak.
  • Innova Collection's Somerset Oak: Classic and versatile, perfect for a range of interiors.
  • Innova Collection's Southerland Hickory: Deep and textured, a testament to the rugged charm of hickory.
  • Innova Collection's Springfield Oak: Balanced and neutral, for those seeking a harmonious ambiance.
  • Innova Collection's Tuscany Oak: Romantic and dreamy, transporting you to the Italian countryside.

With Dura Shield™, these floors aren't just visually appealing — they're built to last. Representing the pinnacle of SPC (stone plastic composite) and WPC (wood polymer composite) technology, every plank in the Innova Collection is 100% waterproof. This versatility allows it to grace every room, from steamy bathrooms to bustling kitchens.

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Elevate your interiors with the unmatched elegance of the Innova Collection, exclusively at Vinyl Floors Houston.

Each of these shades from the Innova Collection brings its unique charm, ensuring that every homeowner finds the perfect match for their space.

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